Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Science - Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronic Communications Engineering programs prepare students to use mathematics and science to design electronic systems and new ways of using electronics to communicate. With a degree in Electronic Communications Engineering, the students look forward to work as an electronics communications engineer, electrical engineer or electronics engineer.

Electronics & Communication Engineers are responsible for a wide range of technologies, from portable music players to the Global Positioning System (GPS), which can continously provide the location.

The course develops specialist knowledge and skills in modern communications systems including modern signal processing and advanced topics in communications.

Digital Electronics & Communication Engineering

This course aims to provide a comprehensive education at par with excellence in the area of Information and Communication with well qualified professors with decades of experience in the field of teaching and industry. Under this PG Course latest technologies like wireless communication networks, advanced digital signal processing, low power VLSI design, Network Security and Cryptography, Image and Video processing etc. are covered.

To facilitate students to gain practical knowledge of subjects and to carry out advanced research and development activities in the field of VLSI and Communications a state-of-the-art laboratory has been setup particularly to cater needs of M. Tech students.