Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Science - Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

About The Department

    Mechanical Engineering specialization was introduced in the year 2010 in AITS Hyderabad. Now developed into a full-fledged department with well qualified, experienced and dedicated staff members and excellent infrastructure facilitating for training the students in the state of art technologies. The department has modern laboratories with sophisticated equipment for training students. A central library is situated in large area which provides books with large no. of titles and volumes.

    The department offers a four year under graduate course in Mechanical Engineering the department has to its credit organization of various conferences, workshops and seminars in the past.


    The Department of Mechanical Engineering is having well established laboratories catering the needs of B.Tech., programme. Laboratory courses are designed to support theoretical concepts taught. All the laboratories are equipped well. Project works, dissertation works and thesis works are supported by the laboratories. The following are the main laboratories in the department.

  • Engineering Workshop Lab.
  • FM&HM Lab.
  • Mechanics of Solids & Metallurgy Lab.
  • Production Technology Lab.
  • Thermal Engineering Lab.
  • Machine Tools & Metrology Lab.
  • Heat Transfer Lab.
  • CAD/CAM Lab.
  • Instrumentation Lab

Faculty Details Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Experience
1 DR.V.V.RAMANA RAO Professor Ph.D 42 Yrs
2 P.GOVARDHAN RAO Assistant Professor B.Tech 40 Yrs(Industry)
3 K.A.L. GANDHI Assoc Prof M.Tech 13 Yrs
4 K.SUDHAKAR REDDY Asst Prof M.Tech 8 Yrs
5 P.SANDEEP KUMAR Asst Prof M.Tech 3 Yrs
6 V.RAJASEKHAR Asst Prof M.Tech 3 Yrs
7 E.VIJAY KUMAR Asst Prof M.Tech 5 Yrs
8 J.C.KALYANI Asst Prof M.Tech 2 Yrs
9 J.VINOD Asst Prof M.Tech 4 Yrs
10 M.VENKATARATNAM Asst Prof M.Tech 2 Yrs
11 D.RAVI Asst Prof M.Tech 5 Yrs
12 P.SURESH Asst Prof B.Tech 2 Yrs
13 A.SHASHIKUMAR Asst Prof B.Tech 1 Yrs
14 M.HARITHA Asst Prof B.Tech 1 Yrs
15 G.SRAVANTHI Asst Prof B.Tech 2 Yrs