Telangana Rashtra Avatarana Dashabdi Utsavalu

Annamacharya Institute of Technology Sciences organized by ”Telangana Rashtra Avatarana Dashabdi Utsavalu” from 02.06.2023 to 20.06.2023 in college premises. Our Executive Director Sri C. Abhishek Reddy unfurled the National Flag on June 2nd to the state formation day joined the event as the Chief Guest College Principal Dr. P.V Krishna Murthy and all the Department HODs. On this occasion we had conducted essay writing on various Government Telangana schemes topics such as Rythubandhu, Rythubheema, Kalyanalaxmi, Mission Bhageeratha, Mission Kakatiya, KCR Kit, Dalit Bandhu and Pensions and conducted cultural programmes such as Singing, Rangoli, Painting and sports. There were some Speeches by Faculty and Students on the major achievements of Telangana in the field of Higher Education. The Dashabdi Utsavalu closing ceremony was done on June 20th and prizes were distributed by Executive Director Sri C. Abhishek Reddy, Principal Dr. P.V Krishna Murthy, Physical Director K. Bixa Reddy, NSS Programme Coordinator Dr. Kolli Sunder Kumar and all Department HODs.