Diploma courses offered by AP state board of Technical Education and Training, Hyderabad. A polytechnic degree gives skillfulness and know-how for the changing demands of Modern working life.

The Polytechnic envisages to mould the students into Perfect engineering Professionals with Authoritative Knowledge, Academic excellence, Nationalist out look, Mettle in work. Visionary perspective, Vibrant entrepreneurship, Resourcefulness in career, Successfulness in efforts, Rationality in approach, Characteristic commitment, Vigorous dynamism, and Rare leadership qualities.

The institute has a well equipped labs and work shop with equipments and machinery sufficient enough to provide technical skills to the students

The Polytechnic also has a Seminar hall, which is used for organizing cultural events, and enough space for indoor games.

The institute provides necessary training and arranges campus interviews for students. Also feedback from the industries regarding the needs of industries is obtained and an effort is made to acquaint the student of it.