Electronics & Communication Engineering

The ECE department was established in the academic year 2006 with an annual intake of 60 students. The number of students further went up to 120 in the year 2007.

The Department comprises of a team of dynamic, dedicated, well qualified, and experienced academicians. They are all professors, associate professors, assistant professors and senior faculty with vast research experience in their respective fields. It is a strong team striving to incorporate excellence in theory and practice.

The department has also been inviting visiting faculty from various prestigious universities to update the students about the latest academic developments.

The faculty ensures each student receives personal attention. They encourage students to be innovative, thus instilling an interest for research and development in the students. The ECE department has also been propagating research based knowledge through various conferences.

Each class gets a mentor for student counselling.Personality development classes are conducted on a regular basis.

In addition to the regular class work, the teaching methodology of AITS includes - usage modals, OHPs, LCD projectors etc.Discussion on case studies, regular assignments, and class tests are conducted on a regular basis for the betterment of the students.

The main aim of ECE department is to provide better quality education, as per the latest industrial needs, and train the faculty in new technologies on a regular basis, to upgrade them in line with the present global scenario.

Also, education programs for the development of students, faculty members and supporting staff are conducted regularly, to maintain industrial relations, and establish workstations in the field of VLSI, Embedded and DSP.

List Of Laboratories

Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab.

Pulse and Digital Circuits Lab.

Electronic Circuits Lab.

Analog Communications Lab.

Digital Communications Lab.

IC Applications and ECAD Lab.

Microwave and Optical Communication Lab.

Microprocessor and Interfacing Lab.

Digital Signal processing Lab.

Basic Simulation Lab.

Linear & Digital IC Applications Lab.

List of Software Available

Multisim 9 & Microsim.

Xilinx 10.1i.

Code Composer Studio.

MAT Lab (R2009B).


Faculty Details

S.No Name of the staff Father’s Name Desig
Qualification D.O.J Experience
01 Nitesh Gaikwad C.N. Gaikwad Associate Prof M.Tech 20.06.2006


10 Yrs
02 G. Praveena G.V. Krishna Reddy Associate Prof M. S 01.06.2012


8 Yrs
03 V. Venkanna V. Anjaiah Asst.Prof M.Tech 15/12/2018  
04 N. Samuel Babu N. Amrutha Asst. Prof. M.tech 21.12.2016  
05 M. Santhosh Kumar Ram Murthy .M Asst. Prof M.Tech 02.01.2017  
06 P. Santosh Kumar P. Chandraiah Asst. Prof M.Tech 10.04.2017  
07 D. Lohitha D. Shekar Reddy Asst. Prof M.Tech 02.12.2019 2 Yrs
08 T. Shwetha T. Venkata Chary Asst. Prof M.Tech 19.04.2018  
09 Madapathi Mahesh Madapathi Sangaiah Asst. Prof M.Tech 14.12.2018  
10 T. Gopi T. Lakshminarasaiah Asst. Prof M.Tech 22.12.2018  
11 CH. Shyam CH. Venkateswarlu Asst. Prof M.Tech 03.01.2019  
12 Madugula Ramesh M. Laxmaiah Asst. Prof M.Tech 14.02.2019  
13 Flora Das Bhagaban Das Asst. Prof M.Tech 30.07.2019  
14 M. Arpana M. Bhasker 1Asst.Prof M.Tech 02.12.2019 4 Yrs
15 GVS Rukmini Devi G. MohanRao Lab. Asst Dip 13.12.2010


5 Yrs
16 P. Mastani Vali P. Subbarayudu Lab. Asst B.Tech 13.06.2016


6 Mths
17 P. Shiva Gayathri P. Sanjeev Rao Lab.Asst B.Tech 15.09.2008


8 Yrs
18 T. Mohan Rao T. Venkati Asst. Prof M.Tech 08.11.2019 4
19 K. Navysri K. Shekar Reddy Asst. Prof M.Tech 06.11.2019  
20 G. Mounikasri G. Sathaiah Asat. Prof M.Tech 25.11.2019  
21 Dadi Sruthi Dadi Lingaiah Asst. Prof M.Tech 20.01.2020  
22 Kura Rajender Kura Banaiah Asst.Prof M.Tech 29.02.2020  


The student's association for Electronics and Communication Engineering branch was inaugurated on Nov 2008 in our college by Mr. Gangi Reddy, Chairman. The occasion was grand and so was the décor. The venue was adorned with traditional lighting and the launch broadcasted on LCD. The Club was named RACE.

During the event, revered Principal addressed the students, and encouraged the students to organise many more such activities as they are meant for the students, and hence should be taken forward by the students.

He also added saying that this forum will help them to realize the requirements of the Industries.

The ceremony was further embellished by the motivating talk of the Chief Guest. In his speech he spoke about the emerging demands of the industries, and the need for building a brand image. He also shared his idea of the club, saying that it will be a platform for students to share their knowledge with their friends. He also said that the club as a forum can be used to share technical news on a weekly basis, and that students can even share job details on this forum.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) is a profession that uses Science and Technology, and problem solving skills to design, construct, and maintain products. It is a challenging, but exciting and rewarding area of study.

The Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences, was set up in the year 2006 to impart high quality technical education.

Since then the department has made remarkable progress towards achieving its goal. ItoffersB.Tech course in EEE, and two exclusive M.Tech Programmers, one in Power Electronics, and the other in Electrical Power Systems.

AITS EEE department is headed by Associate Professor G. Bhaskar. The department is also supported by N. Baburao Professor & Dean of student affairs. He has more than 25 Years of combined experience in teaching &industries.

In addition to that, the department has a strong pool of faculty,that also includes well acclaimed R&D specialists. The department’s professors and lecturers don an un paralleled level of expertise in their fields.

It is the pure expertise and dedication of faculty members, teamed with high class infrastructure facilities, and topped up with perseverance of the students, that has led the branch to secure a top position in the institute.

The department is also equipped with 7 state of the art laboratories which includes a computer centre too.

List Of Laboratories

Electrical circuit’s laboratory.

Electrical machines laboratory.

Power electronics laboratory.

Measurements and testing.

Simulation of electrical systems.

Power system relays.

Machines and power systems.

Power systems drive laboratory.

Control systems laboratory.

Faculty Details

S. No Name of the staff Father’s Name Designation D.O.J Experience
01 J. Shankar J. Durgaiah Associate. Prof. 15.12.2011 9 Yrs
02 M. Chandrashekhar M. Sathaiah Asst. Prof. 01.06.2012 7 ½ Yrs
03 U. Narender U. Narasimha Swamy Associate. Prof. 23.05.2011 8 Yrs
04 G. Bala Chandraiah G. Swamy Asst. prof 27.12.2016  
05 B. Balaji B. Pentya Asst. Prof 03.06.2019  
06 G. Ramesh G. Srinivasa Rao Asst. Prfo 30.12.2016  
07 M. Laliya M. Bhadru Asst. Prof. 07.07.2011 5 Yrs
08 T. Shirisha t. sammaiah Asst. Prof 31.01.2018  
09 K. Priyanka K. Narasimha Reddy Asst. Prof 01.02.2018  
10 G. Venkatesh G. Ramulu Asst. Prof 15.09.2017 1 Year
11 J. Swapna V. Bikshapathi Lab.Asst 17.06.2019  
12 U. Yamuna U. Kistaiah Lab.Asst 08.09.2019  
13 Divya Sree   Asst. Prof 13.07.2019  
14 CH. Sai Deepak CH. Venkata Chary Lab.Asst 21.11.2018  
15 D. Naresh D. Seetharam Asst. Prof 16.12.2019  
16 U. Naresh U. Raja Rao Asst. Prof 23.12.2019  


The department of EEE has been actively organizing several activities such as seminars, quiz programs, industrial visits, paper contents, group discussions, guest lectures and career guidance,games and more, to help students polish their inter-personal and intra-personal skills.

The department had organized a national level student technical symposium in the year 2010, under the title TECKVISION. Students were encouraged to present their papers and participate in seminars conducted by other engineering colleges.

In addition to that, industrial tours are arranged for the students to understand the practical implementation of theoretical concepts.

A technical visit has also been arranged for the fourth year EEE students to visit NTPC Ramagundam, VTPS.

Computer Science & Engineering

Established in 2005, this AITS Department of Computer Science &Engineering (CSE)is empowered with well qualified and experienced faculty members - one Professors, three Associate Professors, nine Assistant Professors, two faculty members who are Doctorates, and the rest postgraduates.

The CSEdepartment houses expert faculty who have, with their years of experience mastered the art of imparting knowledge on diversified courses at the UG and PG levels. The teaching methodology applied goes beyond fulfilling the syllabus requirements of the University, to meet today's industry needs.

The CSE faculty motivates and guides the students to do mini projects in core subjects. Special focus is given oncommunication and soft skill development of the students.

The department has over the period of time build-up a strong network with many industries, and takes their assistance in updating the student's practical knowledge. Even the faculty members are benefitted through this network, as they get to attend conferences/workshops etc., to enhance their quality of teaching. In addition to that, to acquaint themselves with latest technological trends, the faculty is deputed to various industrial trainings during the slack period of the academic year. CSE faculty members are also invited to deliver extension lectures, by these industries.

The department also conducts its Teacher Training Program, at the beginning of every academic year, to train the newly recruited faculty with less than 2 years of experience. During the program senior professors of the college deliver model lectures, emphasising on the techniques to deliver lectures effectively. As per reports, as many as 15 teachers get benefitted and are able to upgrade their skills every year due to this training programme.

Also in the past five years the student success rate has gone beyond 87%.

The department’s laboratoriesare spacious, and has been stocked with additional equipment. The equipment student ratio is maintained at 1:1. Moreover, additional experiments are conducted in each lab to help students learn better.

In addition to the Central Library, the CSE department also houses a separate library that has in it 960 volumes, in order to extend reference facilities to the faculty and students.

Audio-visual classes are conducted as per time-table to help students learn more about the latest technologies. Apart from that, internet facility is provided to students for them to browse and researchfor paper presentations, mini projects, term papers and projects. Each student gets an overview before each semester through the lesson plans, made available on college’s website, for all courses. In addition, course files and lab handouts are given to the students too.

The department also utilizes electronic teaching facilities such as LCD and OHP during the lecture sessions.

An exclusive counselling class is included in the time-table, witheach faculty being allotted 20 students. The department also organizes many co-curricular and extracurricular activities on a regular basis. They are also encouraged to deliver seminars during regular classes, and made to present papers in the classroom sessions.

In the last few years the CSE students have been placed well in reputed organizations, and the day is not too far when the department will reach its 100% placement target. The AITS CSE department also conducts extra classes to refresh students’ knowledge.

The department is all set to step into its next phase of accomplishment with defined long and short term, which includes development of laboratories, adding latest servers and client equipment, and more.

List Of Laboratories




C++ Programming Lab.

Faculty Details

S.No Name of the staff Father’s Name Designation Qualification D.O.J Experience
01 Dr. Komati Sathish Narayana Asst. Prof Ph.D 11.11.2019  
02 V. Rama Krishna Late. V.V. Narayana Assoc. Prog M.Tech 15.06.2011 10 Yrs
3 V. Ramesh Babu Venkateswara Rao Asst. Prof. M.Tech 01.01.2010 9 Yrs
04 B. Ravinder Reddy Devender Reddy Associate prof. M.Tech 06.12.2010 9 Yrs
05 A.Nagasri Nooka Raju Assoc. Prof. M.Tech 15.06.2009 9 Yrs
6 K. Sandhya Rani K. Bhimsen Chary Asst. Prof. M. Tech 04.07.2016 10 Yrs
07 S. Komali Prabhakar Asst. Prof M.Tech 06.11.2019 8 Yrs
08 P. Aparna P. Narayana Asst. Prof. M.Tech 20.06.2016 4 Yrs
09 Dasari Swapna Dasari Saiduly Asst. Prof M.Tech 15.09.2017  
10 Jatavath. Mohan J. Munya Asst.Prof M.Tech 15.12.2018  
11 Maramreddy Srinivasulu M. Dasaradha Rami Reddy Asst. Prof M.Tech 27.1202018  
12 M. Archana M. Venugopal Asst. Prof M.Tech 02.12.2019 5 Yrs
13 Aluri Shiva Kumar A.Pullaiah Asst. Prof M.Tech 25.01.2019  
14 N. Yugesh Kumar   Asst. Prof      
15 N. Harika N. Narender Programmer B.Tech 27.08.2018  
16 Banothu Krishna B. Bixapathi Asst. Prof M.Tech 07.01.2019  
17 P. Sriramulu P. Balaswamy Asst. Prof M.Tech 21.01.2019  
18 B. Shankaraiah B. Venkulu Asst. Prof M.Tech 08.02.2019  
19 P. Anusha P. Kutumba Rao Asst. Prof M.Tech 15.02.2019  
20 Mamatha   Programmer   27.12.2018  
21 M. Jyothi M. Krishnaiah Asst. Prof M.Tech    
22 B. Saraswathi B. Yadaiah Asst. Prof M.Tech 02.03.2020  
23 CH. Balender Reddy CH. Venkat Reddy Asst. Prof M.Tech 04.03.2020  


The CSE and IT Departments together organized the grandnational level technical event –‘CENTITA-10’, on the 19th&20th of March-2010.Students from all the parts of A.P and other states had participated in thefest.

The technical extravaganza was organized on lines of the global era of IT and Computer Science, and was the first ever symposium converging all aspects of technical proficiency, with an insight into the future.

CENTITA, was a forum created to help studentsoutshine, and made them speak and present their views on technology and innovation. A host of topics were included for knowledge sharing including the latest like code debugging, LAN gamming, mini projects comprehending various facts of technology, and an altogether new way of quizzing students’ grey cells.

Summer Projects

The department also organizes summer projects for the students in the institutes like H.C.U, IIITH, NGRI, NRSA, BDL, DRDL and I.I.TS. ROBOTICS Workshops ARE ENCOURAGED FOR OUR STUDENTS IN THE Institutes like I.I.IT, Hyderabad etc.

Information Technology

We provide our students with an in depth knowledge of the concepts, techniques and tools of the information technology discipline and to impart the ability to apply their proficiency in engineering design and problem solving. The department of IT in AITS has the modern facility such as LCD, seminar rooms and conference halls etc. the department has high equipped laboratories as per the norms of JNTU and AICTE. The computer laboratories are having a network, LINUX and windows operating systems with relevant software.

Faculty Details

Sl.no Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Experience
1 K.V Latif Associate Professor M.Tech 6 Years
2 Ch. Bhavani Associate Professor B.Tech (M.Tech) 2 Years
3 T. Nikitha Associate Professor B.Tech (M.Tech) 2 Years
4 M. Pallavi Associate Professor B.Tech 4.5 Years
5 R. Ranjith Kumar Assistant Professor B.Tech (M.Tech) 4.5 Years
6 B. Ravinder Reddy Assistant Professor M.Tech 4 Years
7 Sk. Mahaboob Ali Assistant Professor M.Tech 3 Years
8 Salar Mohammad Assistant Professor M.Tech 3 years
9 G. Anil Kumar Assistant Professor B.Tech (M.Tech) 1 Year
10 G. Srujana Reddy Assistant Professor B.Tech 1.5 Years
11 Sk. Hussain Bee Assistant Professor B.Tech 1 Year


Faculty has gone through certification in information technology training for a period of 3 months in NETWORK PROGRAMMING.

Civil Engineering


Specially trained human resources at Department of Civil Engineering, AITS will handle critical areas in System planning, Design and Rehabilitation management of the infrastructure for giving much needed impetus for economic development and improve quality of life, meeting the societal needs.


To generate a specialized cadre of Civil Engineers, by imparting training through with the help of state of the art laboratories, and updated hardware and software.

To excel in R&D and Industrial Consultancy with linkages in India and abroad, and bring teaching, research and consultancy to international standards in the field of Civil Engineering.

About Deaprtment

The AITS HyderabadDepartment of Civil Engineering was established in the academic year 2011, with an annual intake of 40 students. The number of students further went up to 120 in the year 2013.

The Department has requisite number of faculty members, striving to incorporate excellence in theory and practice. A team of dynamic, dedicated, well qualified and experienced academicians such as Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors & Senior faculty with vast research experience are available in our departments.

Apart from that the visiting faculty has been incorporated from various prestigious universities to enrich the students’ knowledge base.

List Of Laboratories

Concrete Technology Lab.

Engineering Geology Lab.

Environmental Engineering Lab.

Fluid Mechanics & WRE Lab.

Material Testing Lab.

Soil Mechanics Lab.

Surveying Lab.

Transportation Engineering Lab.

Autocad & Staad proLab.

Faculty Details

S.No Name of the staff Father’s Name Designation Qualification D.O.J Experience
01 CH. Tilak Ch. Ganesh Asst. Prof M.Tech 28.06.2014 2 ½ Yrs
03 Y. Prabhakar Y. Jangaiah Asst. Prof M.Tech 06.06.2016 1 ½  Yrs
04 M. Prashanth M. Ramesh Asst. Prof M.Tech 03.07.2017  
06 CH. Chitti Babu   Asst. Prof   27.07.2016  
07 S. Hanumanthu S. Srinu Naik Asst. Prof M.Tech 27.01.2017  
08 K. Praveen Kumar K. Rajaiah Asst. Prof B.Tech 12.06.2017 Nil
09 Y. Varun Kumar Y. Surendar Chary Asst. Prof M.Tech 09.06.2014


2 ½ Yrs
10 N. Uday Kiran   Asst. Prof M.Tech 08.11.2017  
11 Jeedi Vennela J. Srinivas Asst. Prof M.Tech 06.02.2019  
12 Mo. Waseem Younus Md. Iqbal Asst. Prof B.Tech    
13 Shoiab Azaz Md. Eqbal Ahmed Asst.Prof B.Tech    
14 CH. Neeharika CH. Nagendra Chary Lab. Asst B.Tech 15.02.2019  
15 P. Tejashwini   Asst. Prof   18.11.2019  
16 A. Seetharam Goud A. Manohar Goud Asst. Prof B.Tech 29.02.2020  
17 G. Sai Teja Reddy G. Ramana Reddy Asst. Prof B.Tech 29.02.2020  

Mechanical Engineering

A separate section for Mechanical Engineering was introduced in the year 2010,at AITS Hyderabad. However, what started as a small-scale academic unit has now grown to be a full-fledged department with well qualified, experienced and dedicated staff members.

The Mechanical Engineering department also boasts of an excellent infrastructure facilitating for training the students on and about the latest technologies. The department also has modern laboratories, with sophisticated equipment for training students, and also houses a largely spaced central library donned withseveral books.

List Of Laboratories

Engineering Workshop Lab.

FM&HM Lab.

Mechanics of Solids & Metallurgy Lab.

Production Technology Lab.

Thermal Engineering Lab.

Machine Tools & Metrology Lab.

Heat Transfer Lab.


Instrumentation Lab.

Faculty Details

S.No Name of the staff Father’s Name Designation Qualification D.O.J Experience
01 B. Jeevan Kumar B. Yadagiri Asst. Prof M.E 11.06.2014


5 Yrs
02 P. Srinivasulu P. Venkateswarlu Asst. Prof M. Tech 07.11.2015


2 Yrs
03 MD. Javeed Md. Sultan Asst. Prof M. Tech 12.09.2015


2 Yrs
04 B. Prakash B. Komaraiah Asst. Prof M. Tech 30.05.2016



05 G. Sayanna G. Rajanna Asst. Prof M. Tech 05.02.2020


06 S. Shiva Kumar S.C. Subba Rayudu Asst. Prof M. Tech 04.07.2016



07 T. Srikanthi T. Subramanyam Asst. Prof M.Tech 02.02.2017  
08 Kotresh M.C Chandrashekar M.G Asst. Prof M.Tech 22.06.2017  
09 Rachakonda Upendar R. Mallaiah Asst. Prof M.Tech 22.06.2017  
10 Bharath Kumar Shivappa Asst. Prof M.Tech 08.11.2017  
11 D. Naresh Kumar D. Narsaiah Asst.Prof M.Tech 24.02.2020  
12 Bh. Surya Prakasam BHV Subrahmanyam Asst. Prof B.Tech 23.12.2016  
13 M. Bhaskar M. Gopya Asst. Prof B.Tech 14.06.2017  
14 Vamshidhar Reddy   Asst. Prof   19.06.2017  
15 R. Sudhakar Bala Brahma Chary Lab. Asst ITI 01.08.2013


9 Yrs
16 P. Babu Rao P. Laxmaiah Lab. Asst. CTI 13.07.2007 10 Yrs
17 G. Subramanayam G. Chinna Babu Lab. Asst LIME 16.08.2011


35 Yrs
16 K. Hanumanth Reddy K. Narayan Reddy Lab. Asst ATI 20.07.2012


20 Yrs

Humanities and Sciences

The Humanities and Sciences Department is an ancillary department headed by Mr. G. Kiran Kumar, Associate Professor. The department plays a major role in shaping students’ careers.

The department conducts specialized courses which are offered as a part of the curriculum, teamed-up with other main branches of specializations. With globalization playing a key role in the industrial sector, an employee with good communication is no more a luxury, but has become a necessity. This is a sentiment shared by the employers across horizons.

Understanding thefact that soft skills are the need of the hour, the curriculum of B.Tech first year offers courses in Mathematics, English Language Communication Skills, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences.

In fact, a majority of the subjects offered to the first year students are from the Humanities and Sciences Department.

The Department of Humanities and Science Section conducts environmental tours on a regular basis to enhance the students’ knowledge and prepare them for future industrial tours, and also houses well-established language and communication skills laboratories, and has well-equipped Physics and Chemistry laboratories.

The Department is a major success as it not only helps the students in improving their communication skills, but also assists them in improving their technical know-how, which are equally important.It alsohas a spacious and well stocked library, to help students research and learn.

The Department of Humanities & Sciences signifies a conscious and committed effort to leverage education as a means of empowerment of youth. The department is successful in creating awareness thus enabling the students to assert their individuality and intellectual capacity, economic independence, social standing and to strive in building a progressive nation. The department looks into the consolidation of attendance and the session marks of the first years and maintains the Parents – Institution Communications for the first year B.Tech Students.

The Department has also been actively involved in NSS activities, to stimulate the social consciousness of the youth, with an overall objective of personality development of the students through community service.

List Of Laboratories

Engineering Physics Lab.

Engineering Chemistry Lab.

English Language Communication Skills Lab.

Faculty Details

S.No Name of the
Father’s Name Desig
Qualification D.O.J Experi
01 G.KIRAN KUMAR G.SATHAIAH Assoc.Prof M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed 01.08.2006 15 Yrs
02 Dr. Mahesh .B B. Venkaiah Asst. Prof Ph.D 18.11.2019  
03 Dr.K.SUNDER KUMAR K.KONDAIAH Asst.Prof M.Sc,  B.Ed, Ph.D 01.12.2015 1 Yr
04 D. Ananda Rao D. Sundar Rao Asst. Prof M.A, B.Ed 16.08.2018  
05 M.AMARNATH M.SUBBA RAO Asst.Prof M.Sc, M.Tech 01.06.2016 9 Yrs
06 P.POTHANNA P.ELLAPPA Asst.Prof M.Sc 06.06.2016 1 Yr
07 Y.Shobhalakshmi Y.ABBAYEE Asst.Prof M.Sc 13.06.2016 4 Yrs
08 Gorla Manasa G.Anjaneyulu Asst. Prof M.Sc 18.07.2018  
09 K. Maheshwari Devi K. Narasaiah Asst. Prof M.Sc, B.Ed 09.12.2016  
10 K. Uma Devi K. Narasaih Lab. Asst M.Sc, B.Ed 22.12.2016  
12 Chepuri Yadagiri Bixmaiah Asst. Prof. M.A, B.Ed 22.06.2017  
13 Daggubati Vasanth Choudary D. Francis Choudary M.A, B.Ed MA, B.Ed 03.05.2019  
14 P. Naresh P. Srinu Asst. Prof M.Sc, B.Ed 14.07.2017  
15 T. Alekya T. Krishna Asst.  Prof M.Sc 17.12.2018  
16 A.Karuna Sree A.Ganesh Rao Asst.Prof M.A 19.05.2018  
17 M. Sumathi M. Tamasha Asst. Prof M.A, B.Ed 02.12.2019  
18 A. Kavitha A. Chandraiah Asst. Prof M.Sc 09.08.2019  
19 P. Indira K. Shashidhar Reddy Lab. Asst. M.Sc 16.05.2018  
20 R.SHIVAKUMARI R.Venkateshwarlu Lab. Asst. (Phys.) B.Sc, B.Ed 02.07.2012 10 Yrs



Blood Donation Camp on 26th Feb., 2010 in the presence of chief guest a film actor Shri Murali Mohan.

How to recruit into India Army on 2nd Sep., 2010 in the presence of Kannala Thomal Mathew Indian Director Recruiting Branch, Secundrabad.

Bio-diversity and Its Conservation on 29th Oct., 2010, Chief Guest film Actress Smt. Akkineni Amala.

Studies at USA Universities by Jane Cartar on 26th Nov., 2010.

ENVIRON-2010, A Environment Awareness Programme by C.P.R Environmental Educational Society, Ministry of Environmental and Forest. Government of India, New Delhi.

National Conference of Climate Change and Its Impacts on Life and Water Resources with help of the Ministry of Earth Sciences Government of India on 21st & 22nd July, 2011