9 Reasons to look forward to work-from-home jobs

Several data are hinting that the global remote workforce is increasing in spite of a few high-profile companies discarding the idea of work from home. While the US Census data of 2018 stated that 5.2% of US workers are based out of home, a poll result of Gallup showed that around 43% of employed Americans are spending some time in working remotely. Meanwhile, Indian millennials are not in favour of face-timing at offices anymore. According to a recent survey, 60% of the participants aged 22 to 30 prefer working from home as it helps to have a work-life balance.

The idea of work from home and work from anywhere is slowly becoming popular across the globe and anybody with a reliable internet connection can opt for these options. Akamai, SAP and few firms have already accepted the upgraded work from home option, while many companies are slowly getting the hang of it. A study in 2017 presented that many workers were ready to accept 8% less pay with the work from home option. The work from home option lets employees to properly concentrate on work as well as look after his/her personal life.

However, managers are often seen worrying about remote employees working less and mixing personal responsibilities with work. There are also concerns about the lack of communication affecting work. But there's a rising trend of a work-from-home wave. And companies are also contributing to this burgeoning movement to let employees work from wherever they feel the most productive.

Work from home gives some advantages, which are as follows

  • Take a break and work on a flexible schedule.
  • Set up the ambience as one likes and they can work accordingly.
  • The person gets to work in their cosy clothes and can do the work comfortably.
  • Attending meetings through calls becomes easier with less diversion.
  • The employee can finish some pending work during the weekend.
  • One can avoid office distractions and concentrate on the work better.
  • One doesn't need to commute to a long-distance office regularly and get tired of it.
  • The employee who is working from home saves money by cooking own meal and lessening the transport costs.
  • As it gives a good healthy time with the family, the employee also stays fresh and relaxed.

Some of the companies which are giving the benefits of work from home or anywhere include

  • Liveops
  • Amazon
  • TTEC
  • Working Solutions
  • Hilton
  • Kelly Services
  • Dell

Many other companies are adapting to the idea with due course of time. However, this trend is more visible amidst the well-educated. A 2016 survey of the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that college-educated workers are more willing to opt for work from home than the others without college degrees. And this trend is also more pronounced among a particular type of workers such as computer scientists, designers, managers, finance professionals and others. These high-skilled professionals are flexible to work from anywhere and they are using it well to leverage it to their advantage. Many companies like Indigogo, Ellie Mae, Four Winds Interactive, Kronos Incorporated, Paperless Post, Airbnb, Oracle, CarFax and many other companies have work from home policy based on certain conditions and periodic arrangements. Many global organizations believe in the motto "As you long as you get your work done you can work anywhere."

The work from home also helps in the betterment of the environment. With less traffic, pollution can be controlled, less oil and fuel will also contribute to the preservation of fossil fuel, and others. With the steady growth of work from home culture, soon there might be an office-less world in the near future.

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